The thulu is going home

The return of the thulu, a carved tree, to Kamilaroi country, has a profound impact not only on the respective community in Australia, but also on the museum. Removed from a ceremonial ground around 100 years ago, the thulu, an ancestor to the Kamilaroi, was turned into a “museum object”. After decades spent in the museum’s collections, the thulu was reconnected with people and country in a ceremony. Now, the thulu’s return is imminent. What does the homecoming of the ancestor mean for the Kamilaroi community? What does letting go of the thulu signify for the museum? Moreover, how will the relationship between community and museum look like in the future?

With Brian Martin, representative of the Kamilaroi community, director Anna Schmid, and curator Beatrice Voirol

Eintritt (gemäss Tarifstruktur)


24. Mai 2024




Museum der Kulturen
Münsterplatz 20, Basel


Museum der Kulturen
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