The Psychedelic Salon

19.00 h – News & announcements
19.15 h – Marianne & Johan Niklasson: The fascinating world of Amanita muscaria
Drawing from their own experience and research, Marianne and Johan offer an in-depth orientation on how the different substances in Amanita muscaria and their effects on us make this mushroom an essential nutrient for our individual evolution.

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Marianne is originally from Graz; Johan was born in Gøtheborg. He has a background in alternative health (Osteopathy) and independent journalism (Nexus Magazine) and has been teaching Gurdjieff’s Fourth Way as well as a number of other alternative disciplines. Marianne started out as an actress. During her training in Zurich, she had her first encounters with Ayahuasca and Tantra, which led to a lifelong journey into the depths of Being and Consciousness.

Amanita muscaria is far more than just another psychoactive substance. This remarkable mushroom has the potential to support healing on all levels (physical, emotional, mental) and real transformation, and to connect us with our true Self – beyond personality and conditioning.


20. Jun 2024




CHF 15.00


Gaia Lounge
Hochstrasse 70, Basel


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