The Power of Innovation and the Future of Capitalism

Öffentlicher Vortrag von Prof. Philippe Aghion (Collège de France, INSEAD and LSE)

The purpose of this lecture is to:
1. Penetrate some of the great historical enigmas associated with the process of world growth, such as industrial takeoff, major technological waves, secular stagnation, the evolution of inequality, convergence and divergence across countries, the middle-income trap, and structural change.

2. Revisit the great debates over innovation and growth in developed nations: Can we foster innovation and creative destruction while at the same time protecting the environment and reducing inequality? Can we avoid creative destruction’s potentially detrimental effects on employment, health, and well-being? Must we fear the digital and artificial intelligence revolutions?

3. Rethink the role of the state and civil society: What role can each of them play to stimulate innovation and creative destruction and thereby increase the wealth of nations? How can we protect citizens and the economy from the excesses of capitalism?

18:15 Welcome and Introduction: Prof. Rolf Weder
18.20 Speaker: Prof. Philippe Aghion
19.05 Discussion: Prof. Philippe Aghion, Prof. Frank C. Krysiak, Prof. Rolf Weder and Audience
19.45 Apéro

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Lecture Series on Innovation in the Global Economy
The Lecture Series provides a platform for renowned researchers in Business and Economics to present their research results and thoughts on “Innovation in the Global Economy” to a broad audience. The events tackle the challenges of globalization and new technologies for society, policy makers and companies. They also focus on the determinants of innovation in open economies. The discussion plays an important role in the Lecture Series. We are grateful for the support by the Claudine and Hans-Heiner Zaeslin-Bustany-Foundation.

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