The New Beyond Chocolate

A forum on the new professional migrant and book presentation.
The Expat is Dead (Long Live the Expat).

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A forum on the new professional migrant, with:

Margaret Oertig, bestselling author of The New Beyond Chocolate
Anne Parkin, Foundations for Learning
Benyamin Russell, Head of Communications, Pharma Global Technical Operations at Roche
Dr. Metka Hercog, researcher, University of Basel

In Celebration of the publication of “The New Beyond Chocolate: Understanding Swiss Culture”.

For nearly twenty years, Margaret Oertig-Davidson’s “Beyond Chocolate” has stood as the definitive guide to living and working among the Swiss. Now comes an all-new edition, for an all-new Switzerland-a country that has firmly arrived in a multicultural, globalised age. Oertig-Davidson examines the Swiss through the eyes of hundreds of people who have lived and worked here, and her insight will help any reader gain respect and understanding for the diverse people that make up Swiss society.
From friendship to professionalism, teamwork to leadership, education to etiquette, Oertig-Davidson provides concrete and simple advice to manage the challenges of integration. Go beyond Swiss chocolate, and immerse yourself in Switzerland’s fascinating, modern and multifaceted society.

Sponsored by Centrepoint Basel and Bergli Books


29. Apr 2019




Aeschenvorstadt 2, Basel


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