Global Science Film Festival: The Invisible Extinction

International feature films, documentaries and short films combine current global developments with scientific debates.

The Invisible Extinction spotlights the extraordinary work and charismatic personalities of renowned scientists Dr. Martin Blaser author of best-selling Missing Microbes: How the Overuse of Antibiotics Is Fuelling Our Modern Plagues, and his partner in the lab and in life, Dr. Gloria Dominguez-Bello, as they endeavor to save our vanishing microbes that are essential for our survival.
The film explores promising treatments in the US, Israel and China as well as diving into the gut-brain axis. As the Covid-19 pandemic hits, Blaser pivots to focus on how our microbes may help protect us from the virus and future pandemics, while Dominguez-Bello spearheads the creation of an international microbe vault to safeguard precious bugs that may help cure chronic illnesses.

Podium discussion
Filmmaker: Sarah Schenck (Director and Writer)
Expert: Prof. Dr. Adrian Egli (University of Zurich)
Dr. Frank Petersen (Novartis)
Prof. Dr. Pascale Vonaesch (University of Lausanne)
Moderator: Dr. Marc Creus (University of Basel)

Festival program
11:30: SRF Einstein: Expedition Deep Into the Glacier (Documentary, 39 min) + short films, followed by a podium discussion
16:30: The Invisible Extinction (Documentary, 80 min) + short film, followed by a podium discussion
18:30: Happy Pills (Documentary, 84 min) + short film, followed by a podium discussion 

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Kino Pathé Küchlin
Steinenvorstadt 55, Basel


Universität Basel

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