Global Science Film Festival: Expedition Deep Into The Glacier

International feature films, documentaries and short films combine current global developments with scientific debates.

The glaciers in the Swiss Alps are melting due to global warming. As a consequence, melting water from the “Plaine Morte” glacier has turned into a threat for the mountain village “Lenk” in the Bernese Alps. This is why scientists explore the water channels inside the glacier. Presenter Tobias Müller delves into this climatic hotspot – on a daring expedition into the middle of the glacier.

Podium discussion
Einstein Co-Hosts: Kathrin Hönegger & Tobias Müller
Moderator: Vincenzo Ribi (Bernet Relations AG)

Festival program
11:30: SRF Einstein: Expedition Deep Into the Glacier (Documentary, 39 min) + short films, followed by a podium discussion
16:30: The Invisible Extinction (Documentary, 80 min) + short film, followed by a podium discussion
18:30: Happy Pills (Documentary, 84 min) + short film, followed by a podium discussion 

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31. Mrz 2023




Kino Pathé Küchlin
Steinenvorstadt 55, Basel


Universität Basel

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