Carrie Mae Weems and the Afterlives of Images: A Visual Correspondence

Vortrag von Prof. Tina M. Campt. In Zusammenarbeit mit eikones, Universität Basel im Rahmen der Konferenz “Photography and Subjectivity in Contemporary Art and Media Practices” (eikones, 1.-2.12.23). Kostenlos.

This talk explores the unique forms of visual and sonic correspondence found in the work of one of the preeminent contemporary artists of her generation: Carrie Mae Weems. It explores her engagement with the Black body – both her own, as well as mundane and iconic media figurations of it – as a bridge of contact and commemoration between artist and audience, individual and collective, and the living and departed. Examining a selection of her most recent works, the talk asks us to consider how Black artists remake and resuscitate images as a conduit of connection that force us to grapple simultaneously with the converging temporalities of Black subjection and Black possibility.


30. Nov 2023




Kunstmuseum Basel / Gegenwart
St. Alban-Rheinweg 60, Basel


Kunstmuseum Basel
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