Increasing resource efficiency in companies

This time we are joined by Dr. Sandra Müller, a lecturer and research associate at the Institute for Ecopreneurship at FHNW and conducting Reffnet cases. She will talk about the collaborative development of measures to increase resource efficiency in companies and will show how such a project can be initiated in our businesses.

The Swiss Resource Efficiency Network (Reffnet) is an association supported by the Swiss Confederation. It aims to reduce the environmental impact of Swiss companies. Therefore experts from Reffnet collaborate with businesses to develop tailor-made solutions that promote resource efficiency.

18:30 bis 20:00. On the ground floor there is a reserved table with a small blackboard, written “SEB” on it.


05. Dez 2019




Café im Gundeli
Gempenstrasse 64, Basel


Sustainable Entrepreneurship Basel
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